The Benefits of LDS Healthy Gel Nail Polish You Should Know

Ask any woman about which nail polish manicure they would like to have, and you get the answer as gel polish. Gel manicures have been the favorite of women through the ages. Though dip powder manicures are the latest trend, gel manicures still have their fans worldwide.

LDS Healthy Gel Nail Polish

LDS nails has an excellent range in its LDS healthy gel & lacquer collection that should beautify every woman’s nails to the next level. These colors are available in more than 181 shades to suit every skin tone, occasion, and season. These reasons should be enough to go shopping, but knowing the benefits of using LDS nail lacquer and gel colors is better.

LDS Nail Lacquer – Exciting Reasons to Have Them on Your Nails

The best aspect of the LDS healthy gel & lacquer collection is the exciting range of options it provides. Besides, it is amongst the healthy gel nail polish manicures you can have. Here are the benefits of LDS nail lacquer.

LDS nail lacquer is available in vibrant pigments that allow you to experiment with a fascinating range of colors to suit your attire, occasion, and skin tone. Besides, these products are healthy to have on your nails because they do not contain any toxic compounds.

Compared to the LDS gel color, the nail lacquer lasts for seven days. However, you can have multiple coats of paint and extend the manicure to last for up to 14 days comfortably.

LDS nail lacquer is one of the best products to give a high-gloss shine. But, if you like a matte finish, you should not have more than a couple of topcoat applications.

LDS nail lacquer is amongst the easiest to apply. One can master the technique with practice and have the time of their lives experimenting with the exciting range of colors on display.

The chip-resistant quality of nail lacquer makes it one of the most-sought after LDS nails manicures.

While drying under the UV lamp is essential for gel polish manicures, LDS nail lacquer dries on exposure to air. Therefore, you do not expose your nails and skin to UV radiation.

LDS nail lacquer is available in various color options to suit every occasion, outfit, and skin tone.

LDS Gel Color – Unbelievable Benefits Help Rank This Product Amongst the Best

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Generally, nail lacquer lasts for up to seven days. In contrast, gel color is a better option because it lasts comfortably for 14 days. You can extend its longevity by following the proper procedure and having multiple coats of paint on your nails.

Usually, gel nail manicures look excellent with a glossy finish. If you like matte, you can reduce the number of topcoat applications, but glossy is the way to go when trying out LDS gel color.

Another excellent aspect of LDS gel color is that it is wrinkle-free. When trying out LDS gel, you get the most uniform coat on your nails. Therefore, the gel nail manicure is the favorite of women globally.

Unlike acrylic colors, LDS gel does not emit any odor. Besides, these products do not contain toxic compounds. Hence, if you look for healthy gel, you need not look further than LDS.

Gel color does not damage your nails. On the contrary, they form a protective layer and prevent chipping. If you follow the correct procedure and avoid exposing your cuticles, you prevent the lifting of the nail polish layer that can cause bacterial infections.

LDS gel color offers a fantastic range of color options to get the best nail manicure.

LDS gel color offers flexible options to make it a great experience having LDS nails.

While we have discussed the benefits of LDS healthy gel & lacquer, let us quickly go through the procedure of gel polish to enable you to enjoy your nail manicure.

How to Apply LDS Healthy Gel & Lacquer

Prep your nails well by cutting and filing them into shape. Then, push the cuticles into their grooves and prevent exposing them to gel and lacquer polish. Next, buff the nail surface well to create the ideal platform for your polish to stick to the nail.

Apply the basecoat in straight lines without overlapping. If you use gel color, you should cure each layer under the UV lamp. Get your favorite gel color on your nails layer by layer and ensure to cure each layer under the UV lamp. Finally, apply the topcoat layer multiple times if you need a glossy finish. If you go for a nail lacquer job, there is no need for a UV lamp. Air drying is enough to cure the polish.

Now, your gel nail manicure is ready for display on your social media handles.