How to Get Your Best Dipping Powder Manicure Using SNS Dip Powder Colors

Dip nail manicures have become famous for more than two decades now. Today, more women choose dip powder manicures over other procedures like acrylic nails or gel polish. Dip powder manicures have advantages, including durability, safety, attractiveness, and nail protection. While it is advisable to visit a nail salon for a dip powder manicure, you can learn the procedure and have a DIY manicure at home. This article explains the process in detail.

How to Get Your Best Dipping Powder Manicure

The Dip Powder Diy Manicure You Can Master

Keep your dip powder components handy

The dip powder manicure is easy to learn. However, dip powder topcoat applications dry quickly. Therefore, you should keep your items handy. The SNS nails kit containing your nail files, nail clippers, nail buff, cuticle pushers, the basecoat, SNS dip powder colors, topcoat application, acetone, alcohol wipes, etc., should be handy.

Prep your nails perfect for the manicure

Prepping your nails is the most significant part of the dip powder manicure. Your nails can lift and damage the manicure if you do it incorrectly. The prepping starts with washing your hands with soap and water. Your nails should not have any dirt under them. An alcohol wipe is advisable because it removes moisture, oil, and other debris. Besides, it disinfects your nails.

Proceed with clipping your nails into shape. Use the nail file to blunt the edges and smoothen them. If your nail has traces of existing nail polish, use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to remove it. Buff the nail surface to rough it up slightly, allowing the basecoat to stick to it. The orangewood cuticle pushers prove helpful in pushing the cuticles into their grooves. It is never advisable to snap at your cuticles because it can injure them. So, it would help if you pushed them gently without applying too much force. Finally, you use alcohol wipes to remove all debris and prepare the nails for the manicure.

The prepping part should take more than 45 minutes for a perfect job. Generally, this procedure takes up nearly 50% of the time required for the manicure.

The basecoat application

It is always better to finish one hand before starting with the other. Once you have prepped your nails well, it becomes easy to apply the basecoat. You should ensure to apply a thin layer of basecoat and leave out a sufficient gap near the cuticles. The idea is to ensure that dip powder does not stick to the cuticles. Use straight lines, start from the nail base near the cuticle, and move gently towards the nail edge.

The dip powder part

It is better to use good-quality products like SNS dip powder colors because cheap powder can affect the manicure significantly. The standard procedure is to dip your fingernails into the powder and allow the powder to stick to the basecoat. Alternatively, you can sprinkle dip powder from the bottle using a spoon. Both the procedures are acceptable. Before using the powder, it is advisable to shake the bottle well to allow the ingredients to mix well.

Use a clean, small brush to even out the dip powder and remove the excess by tapping your finger on the bowl’s edge. As you have not applied basecoat over the cuticles, the dip powder does not stick to them. Instead, it falls off as you tap your fingers. Repeat the procedure on all five fingers of your hand.

The activator gel procedure

The dip powder manicure is incomplete without using the activator gel. Next, apply the activator to enable the dip powder to bond well with the basecoat. This part is crucial because it ensures that the manicure lasts long.

The topcoat application

After completing the activator application, you can start painting the topcoat layer. People who wish to have a matte finish can stop after a couple of layers of topcoat. However, if you require a glossy feel to your nails, you should have more than three or four coats. The most exciting feature of the topcoat application is that it dries within no time. You do not have to cure the topcoat layer under a UV lamp as you do in the gel manicure process.

You can proceed with your other hand and complete the manicure.

Your dip powder nail manicure is ready to last for three weeks minimum. However, the manicure can last four weeks if you follow the correct procedure and use high-quality products like SNS dip powder colors.

Final Thoughts

You might have noticed that this process is the most straightforward manicure. Anyone can learn the procedure with some practice. But, you should always ensure to use a good-quality dipping powder kit to get a long-lasting manicure. Besides, having the dip manicure at home is the healthiest thing today.