Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas Everyone Would Love to Have

Valentine’s day is not very far away. You must be at your creative best on the day to impress your loved one. There cannot be a nicer way to do so than getting the most beautiful designs on your nails this Valentine. So, if you are on a date with your loved one or enjoying the latest rom-com on Netflix with your BFF, these nail ideas should make your day memorable.

Here are some OPI nails art ideas that can spruce your Valentine’s day and take your nails to the next level.

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Nothing can beat the heart design

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Valentine’s day is the time when you wear your heart on your nails. One of the best nail art designs to have on your Valentine’s day is to paint the heart design on nail edges. The ideal color combo should be the red hearts with a nude or pink nail base. It can liven up things and enhance your loved one’s romantic mood.

The love statement can make your day

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Here is a common but extremely popular nail art design you can have on Valentine’s day. First, you can paint your nails with white OPI nail lacquers to set up the perfect base for your love statement. Next, paint each letter of “Love” on your nails with black color. You can be different by having a heart design in red in the place of the letter ‘O.’ Have these letters painted at the nail edges and flaunt your love to your partner and make your day.

Emphasize your love for everyone to see

While displaying the word love using one letter per nail is an exciting design, it has become monotonous. An ideal alternative is to paint all your nails pink except for the ring fingernail. This finger can get a white finish to look different from the pinks and stand out for its uniqueness. The next step is to write ‘Love’ in black all over the white ring fingernail. This design emphasizes your love and affection for all to see.

The purple-gold combo introduces elegance

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

The purple-gold combo is one of the most sophisticated combinations you can ever have on your nails. The trick is to have a deep purple polish on your entire nails with a thin golden streak in the middle. This golden line parts the purple color into two exciting halves and enhances the overall elegance to a different level.

An assortment of designs makes your lover sit up and take notice

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

A simple design on your nails can make a forceful fashion statement, but your lover might not notice it all. So, what do you do? The best design to make your lover notice your nails instantly is to have an assortment of designs. You can paint three fingernails with the red shades and have a variety of designs like the “X” and the “O” or the hearts and kisses, etc. You can have a black background with a silver heart design on the remaining two fingers (the thumb and the ring finger). This design should melt your lover’s heart and ensure that he sits up and notices the variety.

The X and O designs are always heart stealers

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Many Valentine’s days have come and gone, but the X-O design can still add sparkle to your nails and enhance your lover’s mood. You can try out the red base for your OPI nails and have the letters X and O on alternate fingernails boldly printed using a glittering nail polish finish. The glittering silver color matches the red base and enhances your overall look.

Flowers can say a lot without words

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Should you be greeting your valentine on a special day with a bouquet? It is not necessary if you flower design painted beautifully on your nails using OPI nail lacquers. The pink base is the best one to have as you can paint your flowers in red and green, the two best color combos with pink. Your beautifully painted nails can say everything you want to without uttering a word.

The kiss design can arouse the passion quotient in your lover

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

What is Valentine’s day celebration without the kisses? So while you let the lips do the action, your nails can match up to the occasion by having multiple kiss designs on them. Having your nails painted in contrasting pink, white, and red colored kiss designs can arouse the passion quotient in your lover and make your Valentine’s day memorable.

Final Words

We have discussed various designs that can add a romantic touch to your Valentine’s day celebration and make it the day you would never like to forget in your life. OPI gel polish colors can help you create exhilarating designs on your OPI nails and make this Valentine’s day the best you have ever celebrated.