Hi, I’m Laura. Welcome to Flower Child Health!

I started my journey into nutrition and wellness when I finally realized what a toll a downtown lifestyle was having on my body, and my mind.

On the surface, nothing seemed to have changed. I wasn’t gaining weight (possibly in denial), I was generally healthy, and walking a few kilometers per day seemed to satisfy my internal “did I work out today?” debate. But, I just felt off.

This year (2016), I decided to start making some changes.

To start, those changes were behavioural; things like making the gym a habit, packing a lunch (almost!) every day, and eating before social events that I knew would include lots of indulgent options. From there, I have been able to incorporate bigger changes like watching my refined sugar intake and almost entirely cutting out dairy.

For me, Flower Child Health is about learning how to ignore the voice of conventional society that masks the vulgar effects of sugar on our bodies, and preaches “calories in, calories out” as a way to stay healthy.

The best way to do this is for us to educate ourselves and take back control over what we put in your bodies. I’m happy you’re here and am excited for you to join me on my journey via recipes, healthy living guides and practical cooking classes. To read more about my food philosophy, read this blog post.

Love your body, nourish your soul.

– Laura, Flower Child Health