A Spot-On Makeup Look for Excessively Oily Skin

Oily skin makes it very difficult to let makeup sit for longer periods of time. Especially because of excessive sweating and sebum production. The oils occupy all the pores of the skin due to which makeup products don’t settle. As a result, makeup washes away in the form of patches. Oily skin is also prone to acne, pimples and eczema. The makeup routine should be such that it not only keeps skin intact for the time being but also controls oil and sebum in the long run. We researched some of the best ways to achieve goals and compiled them all for you. You’ll definitely find these very helpful.

Tips to prep your skin

Before applying makeup, your skin should be sufficiently prepared for makeup.

Firstly, clean your skin properly. This step is important to remove all the deposited oil from the skin cells. There are a lot of suitable products available in the market today, especially the Korean products. I suggest you choose the best Korean toner for oily skin for this purpose. These toners are used very much these days. They help clean the skin to the deepest layer, extracting all the impurities, dirt, grime and most importantly, the produced sebum.

The second step is moisturiser. Most people ignore this step but it is very important for keeping the skin soft and supple.

After this, you should put on a good primer on your face.

Step by step guide

Once your skin is all prepped for makeup, follow the following steps.

  • Foundation: for oily skin, your foundation should be water based. This step is very important to keep your skin fresh and free from the formation of oily layers. Water based foundation also settles better and stays for longer periods of time.
  • Concealer: while applying concealer, don’t forget to touch the oil producing spots such as around the nose, under the lips and on your forehead. Conceal them well by blending your concealer efficiently.
  • Powder: after your base is done, finish it up with a good powder. Powder is very effective in neutralizing the produced oil. Apply it in a sufficient quantity all over your face.
  • Highlighter and blush: choose a good shimmery highlighter for you. Apply it on your cheeks and jawline. Similarly, choose a good warm colored blush and apply it on your face.
  • Lips and eye: for lips and eyes, you can go for any shades as per your preferences. On a hot day, go for lighter shades while on a chilly day, you can go for bold colors.
  • Setting spray: after completing your makeover, you can choose the best finishing spray for oily skin. Spray it on your face from a distance. It will seal all the pores and let your makeup stay for longer. This step is very important for oily skin as the produced oil can wash off your makeup.

How to apply your makeup on oily skin

There are some points that can help you in controlling your oil production and make your skin look flawless. While blending your makeup, use a soft sponge so that it won’t irritate the oil glands. In this way, oil production will be minimized and your face will look flawless for longer. Also, apply everything in a tapping motion rather than abrupt strokes.


Difficult it might seem, but adopting some simple steps can change the entire look of your oily skin. You just need to know about the things that increase oil production. While doing makeup, you can simply avoid those products or steps. Additionally, your skin care routine should be able to support your makeup look. Our compiled advice will prove as an effective guide for your makeup ventures.