Best Ideas to Get a Painless and Infection Free Tattoo

Pain during a tattoo session seems inevitable. Most people tend to believe that they are destined to get a painful process which will be followed by wounds and inflammation. This was true for old and conventional methods. Occurrence of infections was quite common due to the use of processes that were not skin friendly. Also, the products used were not antiseptic at all. Nowadays, tattoo artists keep the health of skin as their top priority. There are many products and easy ways to prevent pain, irritation and sensitivity of the skin. These easy and best ways make it quite convenient for both the tattoo artist and the client to get the desired results.

Let’s have a look at the best skin friendly ideas of all times that can help you in getting a painless and infection free tattoo. These will keep your skin protected and provide you with an amazing tattooing experience.

Tips that can help you in reducing pain

There are many easy and simple ways that can help you in avoiding the pain that comes with the tattoo.

First of all, make sure your skin is not dry. Dry skin is more prone to pain because it cracks readily. You can apply a tattoo salve or moisturizer to soften your skin prior to the needling process.

Use of numbing products is always convenient and easy to use. A skin numbing spray would numb the tattoo spot instantly. After applying it, you would not have to wait for the product to show its effects.

Some people also use ice and cold water to wash the area. This numbs the spot and allows the pain sensation to fade out for some time.

How to avoid wounds and infections

Like any product that involves needling, the tattoo process makes you extremely prone to infection. There are few things you can do to keep your skin protected.

Before starting the process, rub your skin with alcohol wipes. This will kill any bacteria or microorganisms that can cause infection. It is a very helpful antiseptic practice to keep your skin safe and secure.

Right after the process gets completed, cover it with a tattoo bandage. This will prevent any foreign particle like dust or grime from entering into the skin. Keep it well covered until it starts healing and open skin starts to regrow.

Avoid touching your tattoo. Scratching it will make the skin crack and break. This will lead to wound formation. If you feel any itching or scratching, you can use any product for tattoo itching relief. This will prevent urge for itching and hence would not allow any wounds and scars to form.

You should also keep your tattoo hydrated and nourished to hasten it’s healing process. A well nourished tattoo will restore the natural look of the skin much faster than a dry and malnourished tattoo spot.


Tattoos should be handled with great care. A minor mistake and a little ignorance can turn into a huge disaster. It will ruin your skin and the whole process you went through. It is important to adopt safe and pain free tattoo practices. These help you in getting the tattoo of your choice as well as a beautiful and healthy skin. Our recommended products and ideas will not only make your process smooth, these will also help you in faster healing of the tattoo. These ideas have come from experienced people and tattoo artists who have been using these since ages. Adopt them and forget all your worries about tattoo pain and infections.