Some Basic Makeup Ideas That Can Address Acne Prone and Aging Skin Types

Among all the skin conditions, acne and premature aging are the most common. Almost every girl complains of acne after a certain age. Due to frequent breakouts, sometimes fine lines start appearing. These not only make you look unpresentable but also make it harder to apply makeup. Some makeup products exert harmful effects on the breakouts. This ruins the entire look and makes your face even worse.

I have seen girls quiting makeovers just to avoid their pimple breakouts. They also go for hefty skin care procedures to avoid formation of wrinkles and fine lines. If you also face such conditions, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can incorporate your skin care within your makeup routine. By following the tips we have given below, you can not only get the perfect makeup look but also treat your underlying skin conditions.

Makeup ideas for acne prone skin

makeup on the acne prone skin can worsen your breakouts. Without any proper guideline and instructions, you may end up spoiling all your skin. So Let us discuss some of the points that you can keep in mind while getting ready for any upcoming event or just for your routine makeover.

Use products wisely

Use those products that are skin friendly and light in nature. Heavy products may react with the skin pores of acne and can cause mutations. So use only branded makeup products with tags that show product specifications. Nowadays, mineral makeup for acne prone skin is quite famous and suggested by experts. It is formulated with specifications for treating the acne while you get the desired glam.

Avoid touching

Apply as less makeup as you can on your breakouts. Furthermore, avoid frequent touching on your skin. It irritates the healing cycle and causes more inflammation. Use tissue paper if at all it is itching.

Remove makeup before bed

Must remove the make up before going to bed. Wash your skin thoroughly. Do  not dry it with a towel as it contains germs that can harm.

Makeup tips for aging skin

For aging skin, it is very important to pinpoint the root cause. Once you’ll get to know the reason, you can choose products accordingly. Here are some tips that can help you while applying makeup.

Provide nourishment

Normally aging occurs due to lack of nutrients. You should use products that contain nourishing ingredients. You can use primer for aging skin which makes your skin soft and supple. It will help the skin cells uplift so they can come back to their youthful glow. Similarly, many other products with the specifications of aging skin can be helpful.

Apply sunscreen containing foundation

Sun is an important factor contributing to premature aging. While doing makeup, you don’t need to separately apply sunscreen. You can use a foundation that comes with SPF 50+ sunscreen. In this way, you will not only get the perfect coverage but also keep your skin protected.

Don’t use occlusive products

There are a lot of products that seal the pores of your skin. In this way your skin cells gradually start dying. you should avoid using such products. Let your skin breathe naturally and grow effectively.


No matter what skin condition you are facing, you should not leave it unattended. Make it your priority in everything you do. Choose your diet, your skin care routine and makeup products according to your skin type. All these things largely affect your overall look. I hope our suggestions about makeup of acne and aging skin would be a great help for you.