Why Dipping Powder Manicures Are the Toast of the Town Today?

Talk of nail manicures, and the first things that come to mind are acrylic paint and gel polish. It is natural because these manicures are in fashion for a long time now. One of the advantages of these manicures is that they look glossy and last long. However, recently, women globally have started preferring dip powder to traditional manicures, especially with quality products like OPI dipping powder color available on the market. The reasons for the preference change are apparent, but one should be aware of the cons. Let us glance through the positives and negatives of dip powder and take appropriate measures to make it safe.

Why Do Women Prefer Dipping Powder?

No exposure to UV radiation – The primary advantage of dipping powder manicures is that this process does not involve any exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In gel manicures, it is compulsory to cure the polish layers under a UV lamp. It is not so when using dipping powder. Compared to gel polish, dip powder is a dry coat. The topcoat application dries within moments of applying it. Therefore, it obviates the need to cure the nail polish layers under the UV lamp. Thus, you protect your skin and nails from the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation.

Long-lasting finish – Dip powder manicures can last as long as acrylic paints or gel polish when using high-quality products like OPI powder dip. The best part of using these products is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals, especially bonding glue. Generally, the nail bonding agents comprise harmful chemicals such as cyanoacrylate, also known as Super Glue. Quality products do not contain these chemicals. You can order your OPI dipping powder color from us.

Protects your nails from damage – One of the prominent advantages of dipping powder is that it forms a protective layer over your nails. This non-porous layer prevents the nails from chipping off. However, it allows the nail to grow underneath the polish layer. Another positive aspect is that you need not scrape off layers of dipping powder when removing the polish. Hence, your nails remain safe.

Ease of application – Dipping powder manicures are easy to master. One can practice the techniques from home. Besides saving money, it is a healthy thing to do, especially in times of the pandemic. Furthermore, an exciting range of colors is available for you to try out.

While the dipping powder manicure is easy to master and looks attractive, one should know the drawbacks associated with the procedure.

Be Aware of the Drawbacks

Hygiene concerns – Dipping powder manicures have hygiene concerns because of the unhealthy methods used by the cheap nail salons. These technicians dip your nails into the dipping powder bottle when applying it. As multiple women use the same bottle for dipping their fingers, it constitutes a health risk. In addition, if the person using the bottle before you had a nail infection, you could contact the same. The best alternative is to carry your OPI powder dip to the salon. Otherwise, you can ask the technician to pour the dipping powder on your nails rather than dipping your fingers in it.

Removal Procedure – Removing the dipping powder layers from your nails involves soaking the nails in acetone, the best nail polish removing solution. However, prolonged soaking in acetone can dehydrate your nails and the surrounding skin. Though there is no better alternative to acetone, you can try out other solutions that do not involve the use of acetone. Besides, it is essential to give your nails time to rehydrate and recuperate. Thus, you might have to go a week without having a manicure after removing dip powder polish from your nails.

Precautions to Take When Using Dip Powder

One should not use the cheap products available on the market. It is always advisable to purchase high-quality dipping powder, like OPI dip colors. We have an extensive range of dipping powder products on our website.

It is essential to follow the ideal procedure when applying dip powder to your nails. The procedure involves prepping your nails and following the prescribed procedure for having a dip powder manicure. In addition, one should take care of the cuticles when going for a dipping powder manicure. It is crucial because it prevents the chipping or lifting of the nail polish layer.

Finally, it is crucial to give your nails some rest after removing the dipping powder manicure. A week should be enough for the nails to recuperate. In the meanwhile, you should follow a healthy diet to hasten the recovery process.

Final Thoughts

Dipping powder manicures have become popular today, with almost all women trying it out as a viable alternative to gel and acrylic polish. Dipping powder manicures can look attractive when you follow the proper procedures. They last long and protect your nails from damage. Have a great time getting a dipping powder manicure and show off your nails on your Instagram handles.