Use Aromatherapy to Stay Sane During the Holidays

Spending more than you wanted, agonizing over event planning, dealing with overcrowded stores and heavy traffic, entertaining guests…the stress of the holidays can be overwhelming. Perhaps we also miss someone who won’t be present this time. With all the negatives, we forget to enjoy this once-a-year season.

No matter what the cause, staying calm during the holidays isn’t easy. It’s time to pull out the essential oils and take the edge off. It’s easiest if you have a diffuser already. Plug it in, add a few drops of bergamot and lavender, then take a deep breath. You’ll feel more relaxed and positive.

Next, if you need an extra burst of energy, try ginger and lemon. Orange, sandalwood, and peppermint can boost productivity, too. Then to clear out the mental cobwebs, use cinnamon or frankincense.

Cinnamon essential oil isn’t part of most starter kits, but you can improvise with the spice you have at home. Put a pot of water to boil with cinnamon sticks in it. Soon you may find yourself feeling more alert and calm.

Clove oil has similar effects, too. Boil cloves if you don’t have the oil already. Better yet, brew some homemade chai to nourish your mind and body.

If you’re decorating the tree soon, pause and consider this. One of the reasons why many people love the scent of pine trees is that it stimulates the brain. Pine can literally cheer you up and lessen pain. Get yourself some pine oil to freshen up your mood.

Also, fight cold and flu symptoms with eucalyptus, tea tree oil, oregano, and peppermint. And finally, wind down before bed with chamomile, lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang.

In conclusion, take a few minutes to learn more about the best-smelling essential oils and their benefits. Not only will you help yourself feel better, but you can make your home more comfortable and welcoming. You might end up with excellent gift ideas.