Between Gel Vs. Acrylic Vs. Dipping Powder

The beauty industry boasts of nail polishes such as gels, acrylics, and dip powders that provide the elegance that users desire. However, each of these polishes has different characteristics that distinguish them. Nonetheless, all of them boast of providing their users with a chip-free and long-lasting manicure. Their application processes and the particular time taken to dry out are also slightly different. Furthermore, their removal processes are also different. Components used in their manufacture are also different, which defines the difference in their formulation. Therefore, manicure lovers must be aware of the type of polish they want before going for a manicure. This article sheds more light on gels, acrylics, dipping powders, their characteristics, similarities, and differences.

Gel Nail Polish Brands

Unlike the other types of polishes, gels are made up of a polymer that requires LED or UV light to dry. This implies that after the application, the user will need to put the nails under direct UV light, such as the sun or a UV or LED bulb, to cure them. Their application process is just like that of regular nail polish. Nonetheless, they can be applied both at home and in the salon. Depending on how they are applied and the brand used, the resultant manicure can last for two to four weeks. Even so, most of them have smells. In some instances, gels are made using harsh chemicals that may damage the nail enamel or nail bend. Additionally, a nail file is required to remove the polish on the nails, leading to nail damage.


Most nail polish lovers are familiar with acrylics. Depending on the individual taste, some people avoid them while others their diehard fans. Their formulation involves using a unique monomer mixed with an acrylic polymer powder, resulting in a paste spread on the nails using a brush. Acrylics are mostly done best by professionals whose hands are used to the process. However, those with steady hands can still apply them at home. The resultant nail extension requires filling for a smooth finish. Acrylics do not need LED or UV light lamps for treatment because they tend to dry out quickly after mixing with the monomer. Furthermore, they are known for their strong smell and tough layers that require filling to remove. Even so, they do not last very long as expected. The nails begin to outgrow the extension after just two weeks, which requires you to go for another manicure.

Dipping Powder

Acrylics are used to manufacture dip powders, but they do not require the traditional monomer during the application process. Instead, they make use of a unique base coat, after which the nails are either sprinkled with the powder or dipped in a powder container for several times until the desired hue or thickness is achieved. Finally, the acrylic is cured using a liquid activator that is applied after the dipping process. There are different dip powder brands such as SNS, Kiara Sky, and DND gel polish. The huge variety ensures that dip powder lovers are presented with various options to choose from.

Compared to acrylics, dip nails are more foolproof because they are dipped in the powder jar rather than sculpting the acrylic. Furthermore, they have less smell while others have no scent. Dip nails can be applied to both nails extensions and natural nails. They last longer than acrylics and gels; thus, the user enjoys their elegance for 3 to 4 weeks. Compared to acrylics, they have a less obvious glow, but their lifespan is mouth-watering. Furthermore, most dip powders avoid using harsh chemicals in their formulation, damaging the nails or nail beds. Also, most of them are enriched with vitamins that strengthen the nails.

Removing dip powder nail polish is more comfortable than most of the other polishes. However, users need to be acquainted with the removal process before embarking on it because it might cause nail damage. The most traditional removal method involves using a rough grit nail file or a nail drill machine to file off the nails’ topmost layers. The process is fast, but it may quickly weaken the nails. Furthermore, you can choose to use acetone where the nails are either soaked in 100% acetone or wrapped in acetone-soaked cotton balls and then wrapped with an aluminum foil around each nail for 20 -30 minutes.


It is vital to respect user preferences, but nail polish lovers need to be flexible. If there is a nail polish that is easy to apply, lasts longer than the other polishes, and gives you the elegance you need, why settle for less? Knowing the similarities and differences between gels, acrylics, and dipping powders, dip powder manicure lovers can visit the Kiara Sky, SNS, and DND nail supplies online or any other nail products store and choose the brad of their choice. Gel and acrylic lovers are also free to visit the nail supplies store to get the polish that gives them the satisfaction and chic look they desire.