How to Protect Your Complexion (and Your Baby) During Pregnancy

Acne is a problem for most women while they’re expecting.

Chloasma, the “mask of pregnancy,” is another challenge for some.

Then, there’s the worry that the products you use will affect your baby in the womb.

How is it that you can maintain a clear complexion while you’re pregnant?

Let’s start with the “don’ts.”

Don’t settle for breakouts

You’re tired, and it’s just too much work to wash your face.

Maybe the smells of your regular face wash and moisturizer are overwhelming.

I get it. You’re thinking that one day won’t hurt.

But the acne bacteria is ready and willing to clog your pores.

It doesn’t take a break even if you do.

What you need is one of the best face washes for pregnancy.

These are facial cleansers without strong odors.

They pamper sensitive skin.

Although they may not have all the acne-fighting ingredients you used before, they get rid of the impurities that cause breakouts.

The few dollars you invest now will take good care of your complexion for the next few months.

You might even decide to switch permanently.

Don’t skip the moisturizer

Pregnant moms deserve to look beautiful and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Even oily skin can benefit from a little moisture.

Switch to a moisturizer that can keep up with your new needs.

Face lotion actually keeps your skin from making excess sebum. As a result, you have fewer clogged pores.

Well-moisturized skin is also stronger and healthier. It’s less likely to react badly to irritants or harsh weather.

But be sure to read the label to avoid unexpected consequences.

Even “organic and natural” creams may have components you don’t want right now.

Don’t ignore your needs

It’s possible to balance what you need and what the baby needs.

For example, you might wish to fade acne scars or hyperpigmentation.

But you know that using hydroquinone during pregnancy is a no-no.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are safe for you and your baby. They aren’t as effective, but you can still make a noticeable difference.

Use a Vitamin C serum or a face cream with licorice root. Both brighten skin tone.

Plus, there are some other things you can do to take care of yourself.

Do read the label

When I say read the label, I mean the fine print listing the ingredients, not just the flashy advertising.

Then you’ll know if there’s an artificial fragrance, retinol, or salicylic acid in the bottle (1).

These problematic ingredients aren’t good for pregnant women or babies. You certainly don’t need them to have healthy skin, either.

Do wear sunscreen

You have that pregnancy glow right now and it makes you look gorgeous.

But ten years from now, you’ll wish you’d worn sunscreen.

Wouldn’t it be better to look like your child’s older sister instead of their grandmother?

Sunscreen won’t cause you to break out as long as it’s non-comedogenic.

Skip the ones with oils and chemical filters. Use a mineral sunscreen instead.

Do speak to your doctor about your complexion

If you’re uncomfortable with the way your skin looks and feels, talk to the OB/GYN or dermatologist.

Get their advice on how to treat the problem.

Women with cystic acne face a unique challenge during pregnancy as they may be cut off from the medication they’d normally take.

Hang in there. In the end, it’s only a few months more. You can always use your sacrifice to guilt-trip your child in the future.

Do educate yourself

Fear is a terrible thing to live with.

Doubt and uncertainty are painful as well.

Get the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Read books, watch videos, or consult with whoever you need to get the facts about skin care during pregnancy.

Congratulations, you just finished one article today.

I wish you and your family all the best now and in the future.