How to Use DND DC to Get the Gel Manicure of Your Choice

It is now time to bid goodbye to winter and welcome spring. The sight of flowers blooming all over the place and greenery should inspire you to vent your creativity and come up with something special. Your DND DC collection can play a significant role in enhancing your beauty and letting you express it fully to the world.

Though nail polish has been there for centuries in some form or the other, it has recently taken off to a new level. With the introduction of social media and other communication channels, beauty care has transcended boundaries and become accessible to all. Gel polish has become one of the most preferred manicures, along with dipping powder.

This blog discusses how to apply DND DC gel polish and make a mark on social media.

DND does not need any introduction because it is renowned for being 100% gel. Applying gel polish is not a challenging task. The lockdown restrictions during the ongoing pandemic have made everyone experts at performing their manicures. Here is how you can apply gel polish without visiting the nail salon. You will be stunned to see how professional-looking nails look and feel using high-quality products like DND DC nails.

Step by step Apply DND DC gel polish

Preparing your nails for your gel manicure is critical. Your nails should be clean and dry without a speck of dust or moisture. It is best to trim your nails and get them into the desired shape before starting with your gel manicure. Trimmed and neatly-shaped nails end up with long-lasting gel polish.

One should use a sterilized nail file for trimming the nails. It is crucial to treat the nails with a solution containing 99% alcohol or acetone. The primary idea is to eliminate nail oils and moisture. Alcohol can help disinfect your nails and remove all traces of bacteria to ensure a hygienic job.

It is not advisable to wash your nails with water or soap before you apply your gel polish. A thin water film over your nail can prevent the gel polish from adhering to the nail bed and cause lifting. It can lead to cracking and chipping at a later stage.

Choose your DND DC gel nail polish carefully and ensure that you have 100% gel polish. The advantage of 100% gel is that it lasts for a minimum of three to four weeks comfortably. Secondly, high-quality gel polish has a glossy feel and enhances your overall beauty to a different level.

After preparing your nails, you can start with your gel manicure. It is best to select Basecoat 500 and apply a thin layer over the nail. While doing so, it is advisable to leave out a small gap of a couple of millimeters near the nail bed base around the cuticle area. If the polish gets into the cuticles, it can affect proper nail growth and cause nail lifting.

Curing the basecoat under the UV/LED lamp for a minute or so. The ultraviolet radiation helps to harden the coat and let it adhere to the nail bed. The stronger the basecoat application, the better is the gel polish manicure.

Choose your favorite color from your DND DC collection and apply it to the nail using light strokes. Before starting with the application, it is better to shake the bottle thoroughly to allow the gel ingredients to mix well. You can apply multiple gel polish coats, depending on your preferences. However, it is essential to cure each coat under the UV lamp before proceeding with the next layer.

DND DC’s beauty is that you can experiment with multiple color formations to enhance your nail’s beauty. Depending on your skin color, you can choose the combinations so that your nails stand out.

The nail edges are the most vulnerable areas where the nail polish can lift or chip. Hence, it is crucial to seal the top portion of your nails after every coat. It helps to keep the layers in place to avoid chipping and cracking.

The choice of your topcoat layer is vital. An ideal one to use is DND 600. This topcoat layer ensures to bind the gel ingredients and enhances its longevity. Besides, it lends a glossy feel and look to your nail. The benchmark is that you should see the light reflect off the shiny layer.

Finally, curing the top coat under the UV/LED lamp for a minute or so is critical. The benefit of using the DND DC nail polish is that it is the easiest of all gel polish products to remove. The DC category does not require soaking the nails in acetone for more than 15 minutes.


You now have nails that you can be proud to own. You can go ahead and display your nails on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest to impress your near and dear ones. Keep in touch to know how to remove gel polish coats safely.