The 10 Best Winter Nail Art Designs

Maybe you have your favourite nail design, but it might not fit in all seasons. You can always use seasons as an excuse to change your nail design. Imagine wearing pink nails in a snowy background? How do you think such summer nails would look on you in winter? Deplorable! Additionally, you can also match nail designs with your moods, and the results are always elegant. However, seasonal nails can sometimes be corny; thus, it would be essential to have an idea of the best winter nail ideas that you will not be embarrassed to show off.

Best Winter Nail Art Designs

Green Marble

This is another elegant design that you should consider this winter. It is incredibly best for those who fancy spending their winters with marble-like finishes. The marble looks perfectly complements the perfect green base leaving you looking chicer than ever before. Medelones Blooming Gel Nail Polish is the perfect nail polish to recreate this design.

Blue and White Star

Specially designed for the fourth of July, this nail art is nothing short of elegant. It is made in such a way that it can easily blend with all seasonal backgrounds, including winter. However, they are most elegant in winter; thus, it is a design worth considering. Besides, the design is just perfect and, well, corny is not a way to describe it. When you paint the base coat, you can choose to design the stars using Revlon Nail Enamel in Urban polish or make it a nail sticker design.

Silver and Gold Chrome

Talking of stickers? Well, your best nail sticker might come in handy when recreating this design. Chrome nails are always great for winter, and they might even be the most fancied nails this winter. You can achieve that chrome nails perfect look using Essie Nail Polish in No Place Like Chrome or just making it a nail sticker design.


If you love looking up the sky to admire the stars and other cosmic bodies, this celestial winter nail art is the perfect design for you. Wearing this golden design gives you an out of this world look. It is not too flashy, yet it is an eye-catching design that you can always be comfortable to show off. Essie Nail Polish in Getting Groovy is the perfect nail polish to recreate the design.

Gradient Red

If you think that using red hue to paint your nails is exquisite, then you should have a taste of this gradient nail art. The deep burgundy looks perfect for the snowy season, and the mien is exquisite. It leaves your nails looking luxurious and unique. To make this cute design, you will need Pronto Color Collection in I Love Reds polish.

White Swirly

This is one of the most dope winter nail art that you should not miss. Besides, the retro design is so unique that it will be one of a kind wherever you go. Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny is an ideal polish for this design.

Chrome Matte

If colours can be mixed and matched, then it is also possible for finishes to be mixed and matched. Matte polishes can be paired with the chrome ones to give you the most elegant winter nail art. Fortunately, we have got you covered because the Golden Rose Nail Polish in Paris M Violet will help you recreate this design.

Multi-Hued Green

This winter nail art pick is especially great for the people who do not love red colours, and after St. Patrick’s Day, you can still recycle the look. Sometimes it is best to paint one hand and let it dry out before painting the other one. OPI Nail Polish in Suzi can help you recreate this design in the best way.

Red and Gold

This design is most ideal for winter festivals. The red and gold combo elicits an unreal mien that you can admire the whole day. The design does not let you go overboard, yet it is perfect for the holidays. OPI gel nail lacquer in Big Apple Red is the perfect polish for the design.

Multi-Hued Glitter

This multicoloured nail art is the best way to give your glitter winter nails a touch of perfection. Just wait until the light strikes your nails. The look will be out of this world. You can get the design by polishing the nails using the Cirque Colors in Lullaby.

Other winter nail designs that can interest you include the Gold Strip Winter Nail Art, The Silver and Gold Glitter Winter Nail Art, Forest Green Winter Nail Art, Red and White Winter Nail Art, Chrome Winter Nail Art and Sheer and Sparkly Nail Art.


When winter comes, it is best to paint your nails rather than leaving them bare. However, there is no point of painting your nails with odd nail designs while there are some winter designs that you can try out. Just go for the design of your choice and finish your winter in style.