Why Dipping Powder Manicures Are the Toast of the Town Today?

Talk of nail manicures, and the first things that come to mind are acrylic paint and gel polish. It is natural because these manicures are in fashion for a long time now. One of the advantages of these manicures is that they look glossy and last long. However, recently, women globally have started preferring dip powder to traditional manicures, especially with quality products like OPI dipping powder color available on the market. The reasons for the preference change are apparent, but one should be aware of the cons. Let us glance through the positives and negatives of dip powder and take appropriate measures to make it safe.

Why Do Women Prefer Dipping Powder?

No exposure to UV radiation – The primary advantage of dipping powder manicures is that this process does not involve any exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In gel manicures, it is compulsory to cure the polish layers under a UV lamp. It is not so when using dipping powder. Compared to gel polish, dip powder is a dry coat. The topcoat application dries within moments of applying it. Therefore, it obviates the need to cure the nail polish layers under the UV lamp. Thus, you protect your skin and nails from the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation.

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A Spot-On Makeup Look for Excessively Oily Skin

Oily skin makes it very difficult to let makeup sit for longer periods of time. Especially because of excessive sweating and sebum production. The oils occupy all the pores of the skin due to which makeup products don’t settle. As a result, makeup washes away in the form of patches. Oily skin is also prone to acne, pimples and eczema. The makeup routine should be such that it not only keeps skin intact for the time being but also controls oil and sebum in the long run. We researched some of the best ways to achieve goals and compiled them all for you. You’ll definitely find these very helpful.

Tips to prep your skin

Before applying makeup, your skin should be sufficiently prepared for makeup.

Firstly, clean your skin properly. This step is important to remove all the deposited oil from the skin cells. There are a lot of suitable products available in the market today, especially the Korean products. I suggest you choose the best Korean toner for oily skin for this purpose. These toners are used very much these days. They help clean the skin to the deepest layer, extracting all the impurities, dirt, grime and most importantly, the produced sebum.

The second step is moisturiser. Most people ignore this step but it is very important for keeping the skin soft and supple.

After this, you should put on a good primer on your face.

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Seven Simple Tips to Extend Your Color Gel Nail’s Lifespan

All of us love gel polish for various reasons. While they are easy to apply, they are tough and can last for more than two to three weeks. It would surprise you if I said that it is in your hands to make your gel manicures last. Let us discuss some simple tips that can help your gel color nails retain their shine for a long time.

Before we discuss the seven innovative ways of maintaining your gel manicure, here is a simple tip.

Beauticians advise you to cure your nails properly under the UV lamp. If you do not do so and do not give it the necessary UV exposure, your gel nails will not last long. Therefore, it is essential to get a proper gel manicure with the right amount of UV exposure. Here are some other tricks that should help your gel nails maintain their radiance.

7 Tips to Extend Your Color Gel Nail’s Lifespan

Keep your sanitizer away from your nails

In the days of the pandemic, sanitizing your nails is critical for your health. However, the same sanitizing solution can prove harmful to your nails. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that can act as dehydrating agents. Thus, you find your skin, nails, and cuticles drying immediately on applying the hand sanitizer. If your hand sanitizing solution comes in direct contact with the topcoat application, it can strip it dry. A better option is to use soap. You get your hands clean and protect your gel manicure simultaneously.

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Best Ideas to Get a Painless and Infection Free Tattoo

Pain during a tattoo session seems inevitable. Most people tend to believe that they are destined to get a painful process which will be followed by wounds and inflammation. This was true for old and conventional methods. Occurrence of infections was quite common due to the use of processes that were not skin friendly. Also, the products used were not antiseptic at all. Nowadays, tattoo artists keep the health of skin as their top priority. There are many products and easy ways to prevent pain, irritation and sensitivity of the skin. These easy and best ways make it quite convenient for both the tattoo artist and the client to get the desired results.

Let’s have a look at the best skin friendly ideas of all times that can help you in getting a painless and infection free tattoo. These will keep your skin protected and provide you with an amazing tattooing experience.

Tips that can help you in reducing pain

There are many easy and simple ways that can help you in avoiding the pain that comes with the tattoo.

First of all, make sure your skin is not dry. Dry skin is more prone to pain because it cracks readily. You can apply a tattoo salve or moisturizer to soften your skin prior to the needling process.

Use of numbing products is always convenient and easy to use. A skin numbing spray would numb the tattoo spot instantly. After applying it, you would not have to wait for the product to show its effects.

Some people also use ice and cold water to wash the area. This numbs the spot and allows the pain sensation to fade out for some time.

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Some Basic Makeup Ideas That Can Address Acne Prone and Aging Skin Types

Among all the skin conditions, acne and premature aging are the most common. Almost every girl complains of acne after a certain age. Due to frequent breakouts, sometimes fine lines start appearing. These not only make you look unpresentable but also make it harder to apply makeup. Some makeup products exert harmful effects on the breakouts. This ruins the entire look and makes your face even worse.

I have seen girls quiting makeovers just to avoid their pimple breakouts. They also go for hefty skin care procedures to avoid formation of wrinkles and fine lines. If you also face such conditions, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can incorporate your skin care within your makeup routine. By following the tips we have given below, you can not only get the perfect makeup look but also treat your underlying skin conditions.

Makeup ideas for acne prone skin

makeup on the acne prone skin can worsen your breakouts. Without any proper guideline and instructions, you may end up spoiling all your skin. So Let us discuss some of the points that you can keep in mind while getting ready for any upcoming event or just for your routine makeover.

Use products wisely

Use those products that are skin friendly and light in nature. Heavy products may react with the skin pores of acne and can cause mutations. So use only branded makeup products with tags that show product specifications. Nowadays, mineral makeup for acne prone skin is quite famous and suggested by experts. It is formulated with specifications for treating the acne while you get the desired glam.

Avoid touching

Apply as less makeup as you can on your breakouts. Furthermore, avoid frequent touching on your skin. It irritates the healing cycle and causes more inflammation. Use tissue paper if at all it is itching.

Remove makeup before bed

Must remove the make up before going to bed. Wash your skin thoroughly. Do  not dry it with a towel as it contains germs that can harm.

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How to Use DND DC to Get the Gel Manicure of Your Choice

It is now time to bid goodbye to winter and welcome spring. The sight of flowers blooming all over the place and greenery should inspire you to vent your creativity and come up with something special. Your DND DC collection can play a significant role in enhancing your beauty and letting you express it fully to the world.

Though nail polish has been there for centuries in some form or the other, it has recently taken off to a new level. With the introduction of social media and other communication channels, beauty care has transcended boundaries and become accessible to all. Gel polish has become one of the most preferred manicures, along with dipping powder.

This blog discusses how to apply DND DC gel polish and make a mark on social media.

DND does not need any introduction because it is renowned for being 100% gel. Applying gel polish is not a challenging task. The lockdown restrictions during the ongoing pandemic have made everyone experts at performing their manicures. Here is how you can apply gel polish without visiting the nail salon. You will be stunned to see how professional-looking nails look and feel using high-quality products like DND DC nails.

Step by step Apply DND DC gel polish

Preparing your nails for your gel manicure is critical. Your nails should be clean and dry without a speck of dust or moisture. It is best to trim your nails and get them into the desired shape before starting with your gel manicure. Trimmed and neatly-shaped nails end up with long-lasting gel polish.

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The 10 Best Winter Nail Art Designs

Maybe you have your favourite nail design, but it might not fit in all seasons. You can always use seasons as an excuse to change your nail design. Imagine wearing pink nails in a snowy background? How do you think such summer nails would look on you in winter? Deplorable! Additionally, you can also match nail designs with your moods, and the results are always elegant. However, seasonal nails can sometimes be corny; thus, it would be essential to have an idea of the best winter nail ideas that you will not be embarrassed to show off.

Best Winter Nail Art Designs

Green Marble

This is another elegant design that you should consider this winter. It is incredibly best for those who fancy spending their winters with marble-like finishes. The marble looks perfectly complements the perfect green base leaving you looking chicer than ever before. Medelones Blooming Gel Nail Polish is the perfect nail polish to recreate this design.

Blue and White Star

Specially designed for the fourth of July, this nail art is nothing short of elegant. It is made in such a way that it can easily blend with all seasonal backgrounds, including winter. However, they are most elegant in winter; thus, it is a design worth considering. Besides, the design is just perfect and, well, corny is not a way to describe it. When you paint the base coat, you can choose to design the stars using Revlon Nail Enamel in Urban polish or make it a nail sticker design.

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Between Gel Vs. Acrylic Vs. Dipping Powder

The beauty industry boasts of nail polishes such as gels, acrylics, and dip powders that provide the elegance that users desire. However, each of these polishes has different characteristics that distinguish them. Nonetheless, all of them boast of providing their users with a chip-free and long-lasting manicure. Their application processes and the particular time taken to dry out are also slightly different. Furthermore, their removal processes are also different. Components used in their manufacture are also different, which defines the difference in their formulation. Therefore, manicure lovers must be aware of the type of polish they want before going for a manicure. This article sheds more light on gels, acrylics, dipping powders, their characteristics, similarities, and differences.

Gel Nail Polish Brands

Unlike the other types of polishes, gels are made up of a polymer that requires LED or UV light to dry. This implies that after the application, the user will need to put the nails under direct UV light, such as the sun or a UV or LED bulb, to cure them. Their application process is just like that of regular nail polish. Nonetheless, they can be applied both at home and in the salon. Depending on how they are applied and the brand used, the resultant manicure can last for two to four weeks. Even so, most of them have smells. In some instances, gels are made using harsh chemicals that may damage the nail enamel or nail bend. Additionally, a nail file is required to remove the polish on the nails, leading to nail damage.

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Top 5 Best Portable Gadgets for Doctors 2020

Top 5 Best Portable Gadgets for Doctors 2020

A mini kit put together using the best portable gadgets for doctors is handy for emergencies, and you will never know where one occurs. As a doctor, you are expected to save the life of the victim. Not only emergencies, sometimes you just need to attend to patients where proper equipment is not a chance.

However, you cannot carry your bulk bags on vacation or airlines filled with bulky medical devices. Still, you can be equipped with small and compact devices. A list of such five highly useful devices is provided below where you can treat people even if you are far away from a hospital or your equipment.

RubyLux BioNase LED Nasal Therapy Device

The LED light therapy by RubyLux BioNase is a portable device that proves to be beneficial for nasal discomfort. It relieves sinus and nasal allergy uneasiness within the range of mild to moderate levels. This device is battery operated and runs on a 9V battery. You need to insert the LED light inserts into your nostrils and switch them on.

After 5 minutes, your one session of the day will be completed, and you are allowed to do four sessions per day. This device is the best intranasal light therapy devices as it relieves you from nasal allergies for a few hours. Moreover, it is a non-invasive and painless process.

CHOICEMMED Sky Blue Finger Pulse Oximeter

Pulse monitoring has never been more comfortable where you get all the critical values such as real-time SPO2, Pulse rate (PR), pulse bar graph at your fingertips. This non-invasive device runs on 2 AAA batteries and has a life of 30+ hours of runtime. A low battery indication is issued when the batteries are drained out.

The oximeter is useful for all ages to measure the saturated oxygen levels. It comes with a lanyard and does not require any installation and is usable right out of the box. This portable device is both reliable and affordable.

SKIARY Smartphone Dermatoscope

The dermatoscope by Skiary is capable of taking ultra-clarity pictures of the skin cells using your smartphone. It is compatible with all prominent band phones. It just needs to be attached and does not need any applications installed on your phone. It produces high-resolution images in polarised and non-polarised mode with excellent clarity and sharpness.

This portable device works on charging done through a USB port, and the charger is provided with the device. When you add this dermatoscope to the smartphone’s camera captures the picture it captures.

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How to Protect Your Complexion (and Your Baby) During Pregnancy

Acne is a problem for most women while they’re expecting.

Chloasma, the “mask of pregnancy,” is another challenge for some.

Then, there’s the worry that the products you use will affect your baby in the womb.

How is it that you can maintain a clear complexion while you’re pregnant?

Let’s start with the “don’ts.”

Don’t settle for breakouts

You’re tired, and it’s just too much work to wash your face.

Maybe the smells of your regular face wash and moisturizer are overwhelming.

I get it. You’re thinking that one day won’t hurt.

But the acne bacteria is ready and willing to clog your pores.

It doesn’t take a break even if you do.

What you need is one of the best face washes for pregnancy.

These are facial cleansers without strong odors.

They pamper sensitive skin.

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